US Visa Interview Centres – Information on How to Prepare For Your Visa Interview

work visa usa

What is the American Work Visa? The American work Visa USA is mainly used for foreign professionals to visit and work legally in the U.S. for some specified period of time as per the law. The period of stay that you are working should clearly indicate in your visa application or the employment contract. The number of months that you are allowed to work in the U.S. without a visa is generally dependent upon your status and financial resources.



Many international students who do not have the legal status of U.S. citizens or their green card, often apply for the B-1 Visa or the H-1B Visa. The purpose behind this visa category is to allow eligible nationalities to work in the U.S., without having to obtain an immigrant visa for each country they wish to visit. However, work visa USA is different from B-1 Visa in many ways. The first difference is that a person applying for the B-1 Visa requires submitting an application that would include an employment certification letter along with an International Labor Organization affiliation certificate that shows proof of financial contributions to a particular organization.


On the other hand, work visa usa allows an individual to work legally in the U.S. without having to appear in an Immigration Court. There are many work visa USA applicants who do not have a significant connection to the United States and do not qualify for the Green Card or the H-1B Visa. In such cases, the work visa USA applicant has to go through an interview process at an approved US visa interview centre.

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