Understanding Fungal Nail Treatment

What is a fungal nail treatment? Toenail fungal infections are also known as onychomycosis. Fungal nail infections are caused by fungi that have developed a strong immune system, which allows them to survive in the harsh environment of your foot. Onychomycosis, which means “ony,” is derived from the Greek word for nail. Fungi that generally thrive in dark, damp, humid areas such as beneath the fingernails, are the likely cause of an infection. Find out.

Understanding Fungal Nail Treatment

There are many fungal nail treatment options available. If you have a fungal infection on your nails, you can apply nail polish to help hide the infection. You can also use a fungal nail treatment medicine if the infection is at the tip or root level. These medications are designed for deep foot infections that are difficult to reach with a traditional topical solution.

You may be able to treat your toenails at home with a fungal nail treatment medicine that you buy over-the-counter, but consulting with a podiatrist and/or a licensed dermatologist is a better idea if you are unsure of your diagnosis or treatment. They will be able to point you in the right direction so that you can treat your toenails effectively. A podiatrist can also help you understand whether or not you have a real fungal nail infection, which can help determine the proper course of treatment. In addition, they can identify other potential health problems that you may have as well as recommend ways to prevent future fungal nail infections.

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