Spain's GVC Gaesco partners with WealthTech giant FNZ

Spain's GVC Gaesco partners with WealthTech giant FNZ

Spain-based financial group GVC Gaesco has signed a partnership with WealthTech giant FNZ to cement its digitisation initiative.

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The Spain Startup Conference 2022

The Spain Startup Conference 2022 brought together thousands of Spanish Founders and International Investors.

5.00pm-5.15pm: Webinar Opening & “Startup Spain” Fireside Chat
– Adam Patrick Fulham, Founder of Startup Network Europe
– Marta Huidobro, Vice President of AEBAN – The Spanish Association of Business Angels Networks (Asociación Española de Business Angels Networks); President & Leader of the Investment Committee of WA4STEAM; Partner at Cupido Capital and Pinama Inversiones

5.15pm-5.30pm: “Founders in Spain” Rapid Fire Talks Section
– Pablo Fernandez Alvarez, Co-Founder of Clicars and Guinness World Record Swimmer
– David Tomas, Co-Founder of Cyberclick
– Salvador Carrillo, Co-Founder of Alter5
– Emilio Galán , Founder & CTO of BEONPRICE
– Juanjo Rodriguez, Founder of The Hotels Network
– Alberto Benbunan, Founder of Mobile Dreams Factory, DelSúper, Gelt and Super Robotics

5.30pm-5.40pm: Startup Stories: The Spanish Startup Revolutionizing UX Insights
– Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of UserZoom

5.40pm-5.50pm: “Investors & VCs in Spain” Rapid Fire Talks Section
– Tom Horsey, Co-Founder of Ionic Fund, StartupLabs Malta and StartupLabs Spain
– Helena Torras, Managing Partner of Paocapital
– Iván Feito, Principal at Axon Partners Group

5.50pm-6.10pm: “Global Scaleup” Fireside Chats
– Pablo Corman, Manager of Sales Development | Spain at Personio (Topic: HR & Recruitment)
– Samantha Richardson, Principal Visioneering Consultant at Twilio Startups (Topic: Customer Engagement)
– Anne Uekermann, Senior Field Marketing Manager at Amplitude (Topic: Digital Optimization)

6.10pm-6.30pm: “Silicon Valley” Panel Discussion with Spanish Startup Founders & CXOs in the United States
– Ricardo C. Berrios, Founding Chief Executive Officer of Adhera Health; Managing Partner of Natural Bridges Ventures
– Jordi Argente, Managing Director of Woodside Capital Partners; President of New Market Venture Management
– Xavier Amatriain, Co-Founder & CTO of Curai
– Roger Casals, Co-Founder & CEO of Plazah

6.30pm: Event Conclusion

Spanish VITA 1

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