PayZen raises $20m for healthcare buy now pay later

PayZen raises $20m for healthcare buy now pay later

San Francisco-based PayZen, which offers buy now, pay later services to the healthcare industry, has reportedly raised $20m in equity.

PayGround is improving digital payments in healthcare to make life easier for patients and providers

Today it’s easy to pay for anything from groceries to clothes using an app or website. Digital payments like PayPal and Venmo have revolutionized commerce, yet healthcare hasn’t kept pace. One simple visit to the doctor can result in reams of paper bills and notices. Our guest on today’s episode, Drew Mercer, CEO and Co-founder of PayGround, is working to change that reality. With PayGround, a startup that joined StartUp Health in 2020, Mercer’s team is making it easy for patients to pay their bills online and simple for doctors to get paid. We’ll discuss the life event that pushed Drew to tackle this problem and the news of their recent capital raise.

Video Chapters:

00:00 Intro: Venmo, ApplePay and more have fast payment for billing. What about healthcare? PayGround is trying to change this equation
02:15 Drew’s story
03:22 Paying your healthcare bills is not easy
05:14 PayGround’s vision for direct-to-consumer
08:50 Why can’t we just “Venmo” our doctors?
11:00 The advantages to not being on the coasts for a startup
13:30 Dealing with solving the provider-payment problem with a new raise

Connect with Drew and PayGround here:​
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New Healthcare Payment Paradigms: What is Value and Why Does it Matter?

As healthcare delivery and payment systems transition from those focusing on the volume of services rendered to those focusing on the value of services delivered, opportunities and challenges will increasingly emerge for physicians, hospitals and other stakeholders. Fee for service as we know it today will likely not exist in a few years, given widespread interest in pursuing value based purchasing. But, a robust and pragmatic definition of value remains elusive.

In this video, Dr. Richard Duszak, serving in his role as Associate Editor for Health Services Research and Policy for the Journal of the American College of Radiology shares his perspectives on healthcare value in the first of the JACR’s new editor webcast series. Dr. Duszak is Vice Chair for Health Policy and Practice in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at the Emory University School of Medicine and also Chief Medical Office of the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute. His 10 minute presentation is entitled “New Healthcare Payment Paradigms: What is Value and Why Does it Matter?”

How Pay Transparency Laws Can Motivate Workers | Your Money Briefing | WSJ

Research on how workers are reacting to new pay transparency laws mandating the publication of employee salaries yielded surprising results.

WSJ contributor Courtney Vinopal joins host J.R. Whalen with details.

Photo illustration: Alex Nabaum

0:00 Pay transparency laws leading to open info on salary ranges
0:29 What kinds of concerns have pay transparency laws raised?
1:04 What pay transparency studies have shown from university workers
3:03 Has knowing pay ranges for jobs translated into happy employees?
4:20 What pay visibility means for human resource departments

Your Money Briefing
WSJ’s personal-finance podcast features the news that affects your money and what you do with it, breaking down complicated money questions from spending and saving to investing and taxes.

For more episodes of WSJ’s Your Money Briefing:

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Solving the confusing healthcare patient payment problem

This is a montage of three patients who speak about their perspective both of the previous fragmented, and confusing healthcare billing they had experienced as well as the simple, easy-to-understand, consolidated billing that patients experienced as a result of a partnership between Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, CommonSpirit and OODA Health that was acquired and folded into Cedar in May, 2021.
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