Mobile identity verifier Incognia closes Series A

Mobile identity verifier Incognia closes Series A

Mobile identity platform Incognia has scored $15.5m in its Series A funding round, which was led by Point72 Ventures.

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Identiv’s credentials, IDs, and smart cards verify the identity of employees, temporary workers, and visitors. Our portfolio features form factors for physical or logical access control, converged access, transit payment, brand protection, time and attendance, cashless vending, and IoT applications.

If you are looking for the most secure verification, you need the next generation of contactless access cards. Our uTrust TS Cards protect your identity right at the door, providing the most secure access to any building.

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We Are Incognia – Location Identity for Mobile

As mobile transactions grow, so does mobile fraud. Verifying and authenticating users on your mobile apps can be a real challenge with fraudsters getting smarter and using increasingly sophisticated techniques to overcome security protections. That’s why companies need to find new, innovative ways to secure their mobile apps while still ensuring a great experience for users.

Meet – Incognia. Advanced protection against mobile fraud that works silently in the background and only requires your users to… well… be themselves.

Using network signals and on-device sensors, Incognia’s location technology detects physical places visited by your app users to create a location behavioral pattern, like a location fingerprint, unique to each user, that requires no capture or storage of personal information. It provides both privacy and security for users

Need to verify a new user? Incognia compares the address provided during onboarding with the user’s location behavior, to confirm the users identity.

Need to authenticate a user at log in or when making a transaction? Incognia verifies the user’s identity by comparing their current location with their historical location behavior.
Incognia works behind the scenes to provide a dynamic risk score without adding friction to the user experience.

Bringing location behavior and privacy together for the best defense against mobile fraud.

Welcome to Incognia.

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