ID verification platform Thirdfort scores £15m

ID verification platform Thirdfort scores £15m

Thirdfort, which offers automated ID verification services, has raised £15m in its latest funding round.

How To Verify Bright ID Step by step

How To Verify Bright ID Step by step

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MDR LAB Spotlight on… Thirdfort

Thirdfort is a secure payment platform for residential property transactions. Founded in September 2017 and London headquartered, Thirdfort is addressing the highly inefficient and insecure methods money flows through when properties are purchased. We began looking at this transaction after learning our friend was defrauded out of £25k when buying a house last year.

Verifying Your Identity for Unemployment Benefits |

Keep your personal information safe. specializes in digital identity protection and helps you ensure that nobody is pretending to be you online, which is very important when claiming unemployment insurance benefits. Watch the full video today to learn more.

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0:04 Verifying With For Unemployment Benefits
0:06 Message From Our CEO
0:25 Setting Up An Account.
0:53 Step 1 Create An Account
1:09 Step 2: Set Up Multi-Factor Authentication
1:40 Verify Identity
2:21 Take a Selfie
2:37 Enter Social Security Number
2:49 Consent To Share Data

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