Healthy Home Inspections in Auckland

Healthy home inspections Auckland

“We do healthy home inspections to make sure that your home is clean, dry, warm, and safe.” The owners of Green Valley have always had a reputation for honesty and authenticity. For more than 20 years they have been helping their customers to improve the quality of their homes while protecting them at the same time. They have received many awards for their outstanding services, including awards from the Better Business Bureau and Consumers Union among others. In addition to this recognition, they have maintained a no claim bonus with the Department of Housing and Development (HUD) since 1988.



“The biggest reason for us doing Green Valley inspections is that it helps homeowners save money. If they don’t believe us when we tell them they can save thousands of dollars on an annual basis, they will simply not go through with it. Many people will only replace carpeting if it is falling apart or has stains,” said John Gerspach, Green Valley’s General Manager. “This is why the inspection is so important.” With Green Valley inspections, you can be confident that you’re getting a solid inspection that will reveal any problems beforehand, saving you time and money.


While many home inspectors charge a flat rate for their services, Green Valley offers its clients a low fee “flat rate” for the entire house. This helps reduce the cost of the home inspection, since the inspector only has to visit the visible areas of the home and doesn’t have to go into the inner workings of the home. This can often mean big savings on both time and money. If you need to find a reputable healthy home inspections Auckland who offers both free home inspections and affordable flat rate services then make sure you check out Green Valley.

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