Estonian FinTechs Salv, Tuum partner for AML capabilities

Estonian FinTechs Salv, Tuum partner for AML capabilities

RegTech company Salv will deploy its AML capabilities into Tuum, an API-first and modular core banking platform.

Why do fintechs exist? | Rivo Uibo at e-Estonia Digital Discussion

Our CBO and Co-founder Rivo Uibo is talking about the fintechs roles and the concept of modular banking.

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��About us:
Tuum is a modular core banking platfrom.
With us, any business can rapidly offer seamless and tailored financial service experience.
New lending products, new payment facilities, or even a new banking core can be launched within weeks.

Foundation of our banking platform – microservice architecture.
It is composed of flexible and independent modules that cover all major retail and business banking processes.

The platform is API-based for quick and easy integration with existing ecosystems.
It runs on all main cloud providers as well as on private clouds.

Compliance and Anti Money Laundering for early stage fintech startups

Following recent happenings in the tech ecosystem, it appears like many fintech startups have been prioritising growth ahead of compliance.

In this video, we discuss what the right approach should be and how startups can ensure compliance and still pursue growth.

– Ronke Atkinson (Head of Staff, Zazzuu)
– Kay Akinwunmi (CEO and Co-founder, Zazuu)
– Chandrashekar Avanavadi (Head of Compliance & MLRO, Zazuu)
– Rajpal Khangura (Advisor, Zazuu)

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Estonia benefits from a strategic location at the intersection of European, Nordic, and Russian markets, providing unique trade, language, and cultural linkages.

Estonian ​financial solutions are known for being highly innovative, user-friendly, and reliable. That’s because Estonia as a whole, as well as its financial technology sector, in particular, have had close to thirty years to build a high-level financial system from scratch, fueled by a unique entrepreneurial and tech-savvy environment that has, among other things, given rise to more unicorn startups per capita than any other country in the world.

Today, Estonia’s ever-evolving fintech sector is poised to help set the trend for Europe and beyond.

Trendsetters participating in the Digital Discussion:

�� Kaido Saar, Chairman of the Board of FinanceEstonia, will give an overview of the Estonian fintech industry and share insights into the latest survey carried out among Estonian financial technology companies and share the wins and pitfalls for the Estonian fintech sector.

�� Bankish is an end-to-end technology solution for creditors of various sizes and functions – from professionals to professionals. They cover consumer lending and SME financing, with a full array of credit products and deposits functionality. Bankish’s core system allows financial institutions to manage their businesses efficiently in one seamless environment.

�� EveryPay is an Estonian fintech company that started operating as a cloud-based payment gateway in 2012. Since then, they have become one of the fastest-growing digital payment solution providers in Northern Europe. EveryPay helps banks and acquirers save time, resources, and costs on digital payment product development.

�� Modularbank is a next-generation core banking technology provider that enables banks, fintechs, and any other company to rapidly roll out new financial services and products. The API-first and cloud-native platform consists of independent modules and covers all retail and business banking functions such as accounts, lending, payments, deposits, assets & collaterals, financial accounting and cards.

�� Salv Technologies is a smart anti-money laundering (AML) platform that helps financial companies prevent financial crime much more efficiently — no matter their size. For fast-growing fintechs, they offer a one-stop-shop – transaction monitoring, sanction screening, and KYC risk scoring, all in one place. They are already trusted by both fintechs and banks (LHV, SunFinance, Kroo, TrueLayer, Rewire, to name a few) in 10 European countries.

�� Guardtime is a leading blockchain company, founded in Estonia in 2007. Guardtime’s KSI Cash is a breakthrough digital currency platform based on tokenized banknotes. The result is an approach to digital money that outperforms all existing approaches in terms of speed, scalability, security, privacy and efficiency.

AML Compliance in the Fintech Sector – Michael Heider

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