ESAs unveil joint call for greenwashing evidence

ESAs unveil joint call for greenwashing evidence

Three European Supervisory Authorities have published a call for evidence on greenwashing to gather input from stakeholders on the topic.

What is Greenwashing? The UK’s Green Claim Code, Recent Examples and How to report greenwashing

In this episode, I look at the term “greenwashing” and how it impacts our opportunity to purchase and use environmentally friendly products, and services.

Additionally, I look at published UK guidance is in-place for “green claims” and how to avoid making greenwashing as well as examples of recent “greenwashing” together with a process for reporting greenwashing.

This episode covers the term “greenwashing”, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority guidance on environmental claims on goods and services, three recent Advertising Standards Authority rulings on cases of greenwashing & how to report a case of greenwashing.

00:00 Introduction
01:12 What is Greenwashing?
03:03 What is the UK’s Green Claim Code?
05:07 What actions are being taken against greenwashing?
13:40 How to report greenwashing?

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These fast fashion brands are greenwashing | H&M and Primark vs. Fashion Revolution Week

These fashion brands are definitely greenwashing: H &M, Primark, and many more (fast) fashion brands.
What is greenwashing? Which brands are guilty of it? How to recognize greenwashing? How to help prevent it? This video is my contribution to Fashion Revolution Week 2021. See resources below if you wish to get involved.

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When PR Goes Green: Greenwashing

Environmentalists, the media and even governments have called out companies for greenwashing. Billionaires and oil giants are doing it. But what is it? AJ+ breaks down how it ain’t easy being green.

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Greenwashing | Definition, Disclosure, and Examples

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