Cytora, Moody’s Analytics partner to streamline risk in insurance

Cytora, Moody’s Analytics partner to streamline risk in insurance

Digital risk processing platform Cytora has partnered with Moody’s Analytics to streamline risk in insurance.

SMVF Webinar: Virtual, The New Status Quo Promoting Connectedness for SMVF

“Virtual, the New Status Quo: Promoting Connectedness for Service Members Veterans and their Families (SMVF)” was hosted by the SMVF Technical Assistance Center on August 31, 2020. Learn more about the SMVF TA Center:

NIMA – The Digital Future of Effective Asset Integrity Management – ROSEN Group

With NIMA, we have developed an Integrity Management Software as a Service (SaaS) that supports dynamic decision-making, providing instant access to inspection and integrity assessment results. Learn more:

NIMA gives clarity in understanding risks and making complex integrity management decisions of any oil and gas asset – be it pipelines, tanks or vessels.

• Keep records traceable, verifiable and complete. Have a clear overview and easy alignment of
inspection and survey results, data quality assessments, design and construction details, and the findings of any analyses.
• Get access to multiple asset integrity management applications – from visualization of inspection and integrity results to asset integrity assessments, risk analyses, repair planning, regulatory response and more.
• Multiple fully customizable visualizations of integrity status allow you to track your critical key performance indicators and understand areas of risk.

Learn more about NIMA:

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Cyber insurance update

In this webinar recording, we discuss new changes to our cyber insurance coverage (included as an endorsement on TMLT professional medical liability policies) and TMLT’s new partnership with Corvus Insurance, an insurance technology firm. Watch to learn more about the new policyholder benefits, including Corvus Scans, which can assess your practice’s online presence to uncover cyber vulnerabilities.

Minimize AR Portfolio Risk I Moody’s Analytics Pulse I Explainer Video

Be the first to know when your customers are in trouble with Moody’s Analytics Pulse.

To learn more about our solutions, visit

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