Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Melbourne is a growing hub for commercial, outdoor furniture makers, with many small, local companies based in the city and a multitude of international manufacturers based inland. The combination of such a large number of companies ensures a wide range of styles, colours and materials, which can be mixed to create a bewildering choice of products. Melbourne is also home to one of the most vibrant creative industries in the world, with the city attracting a large number of artisans and designers who have set up shop here in the past few decades. This has resulted in the construction of some stunning, innovative, and modern commercial buildings in Melbourne which is starting to transform the face of the city into an ever more stylish place to live in.


One of the most striking changes in the face of commercial outdoor furniture Melbourne is the establishment of a floating community on the lake at Hobson Bay. This amazing establishment has been built on the foundations of an artificial island, and is located adjacent to an incredible swimming pool, which offers visitors a chance to swim and enjoy the water in this tranquil surroundings. On this island visitors can relax on the shady deck, or if the weather is good they can simply use this deck as a great picnic area. The resort is situated on land, but thanks to clever use of its location, its pretty much just an island, with residential areas and an open-air cafe, as well as a restaurant and lounge on the main floor. The floating community is only a short walking distance from the shops and other facilities, and guests can even walk to their own car, hire a bike, or take a train into the city.


If you want to see the most amazing commercial outdoor furniture Melbourne has to offer, then you should visit The Arts Centre in Norwood. The building is located on the banks of the river Brisbane and overlooks the city. It houses an eclectic range of businesses and was originally built as a public library. Today it houses a range of businesses, including two restaurants, a gift shop, a cafe, and a bar. All of these businesses use wooden furniture, including wooden tables, chairs, awnings, and murals. The Arts Centre has put up a free website which has all the relevant information about visiting the centre, as well as a map of the area.

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