Gutter Replacement And Installation

Gutter replacement and installation are often the last thing on the mind of home owners and builders when it comes time to replace the gutters on their roofs. Most people are concerned with getting the roof over their heads in shape, and doing whatever they can to protect their home from storms, hail, and heat, but there are some things that should be considered before rushing out to buy new gutters. First of all, what size gutter installation will be needed?

gutter replacement and installation

Are You Thinking Practical?

There are several different options for gutter replacement and installation, and the choice will depend upon the structure and condition of your home as well as the cost of the guttering being used. For example, if you live on a bluff or other piece of property with very straight sides and a flat roof, installing gutters to catch rainwater running off the side is usually not necessary. If the gutters themselves are more than a foot in diameter then special installation may be necessary. Also, if your roof is not completely constructed, or has shingles that are missing, then you will need guttering installation. Finally, if your home is painted or stucco the surface of your gutter will be subject to the elements, and you will probably need to repair any damage prior to painting or stucco application.

When selecting gutters, it is important that you select ones that fit securely over the structure of your roof. They must be securely attached to the top metal surface, and they must extend far enough underground so that water cannot accumulate in the hollow center. If the gutter holes are too small for the fascia to cover, then the water will slowly leak into the attic and rot the wood framing. Therefore, a specialist is needed to make sure that the gutters are correctly installed and that they extend far enough underground to catch the rainfall water.