How to Read More About Damp On Walls

Rising damp can be commonly spotted on external walls as well as on indoor walls. One of the main signs is called efflorescence, which is caused by water seeping into the wall and causing it to dry out. When you notice spots of rising damp on walls, you must learn how to read more about it so that you can find the best way to solve it.

A Serious But Common Problem In Home Construction

To know more about this type of rising damp, you must first know what causes it to happen. If you have walls with the soil above them, it means that the soil holds moisture back due to the capillary property of the soil. If the soil is below the wall then it is known as the foundation which has a lower capillary property. So when the ground level rises, the moisture will rise up to the surface and can start to run down the walls and may cause spots of rising damp on the surface. This can only happen when there are cracks in the soil.

If you have walls which are made from masonry or concrete blocks, then you are prone to having dampness issues on your walls and ceilings. Dampness can also occur if the walls have cracks in the mortar. To know more about the types of dampness that may be occurring on your walls, you should check the moisture content in the air by using a hygrometer. If you notice that the air is humid or feels moist, then there may be some issues with the masonry or concrete blocks around the house. If you want to avoid having dampness on your walls, you should repair all the bricks around the house to fix the moisture problem.

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