Ascent teams with Halo Ai to bring automation to compliance

Ascent teams with Halo Ai to bring automation to compliance

Ascent, an AI-powered regulatory intelligence solution, has partnered with Halo Ai to transform how risk and compliance teams work.

Ask the Experts: Build integrate and accelerate Multi-cloud Compliance | ATEBRK245

Join Microsoft experts for a live Ask-the-Experts session following “Build, integrate and accelerate Multi-cloud Compliance.”

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Agent Email Forwarding in HaloITSM

Halo Service Solutions is a privately owned software company, which provides service desk software that can be installed on premise or in the cloud. 2019 welcomes the release of the brand new HaloITSM, HaloPSA & Halo Service Desk solutions, which are now the benchmark for speed alongside Halo Service Solutions renowned versatility.

With built-in ITIL best practices, Halo Service Solutions is relied upon in over 40 countries to provide a platform, not only for IT teams, but for use across multiple departments. Organisations can scale their IT support with confidence, knowing that Halo Service Solutions has 20+ years of experience and is trusted by multiple FTSE 100 companies.


How AI Has Changed Marketing Forever

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Microsoft Teams Realtime Compliance Advisor | Theta Lake

Realtime guidance for Microsoft Teams users that reduces compliance risk during audio, video, and chat conferencing. Learn more:

Theta Lake Realtime Compliance Advisor (RCA) provides your users with real-time behavior reinforcement, creating the greatest impact in reducing your organization’s compliance risk related to misconduct and disclosure non-adherence during collaboration and video conferencing sessions.

RCA avoids information management and retention issues associated with collaboration, analysis, and archiving—making it privacy friendly. The solution does not inspect or capture content inside a call, video, or chat, so deployment is easy and nonintrusive while also enabling a substantial gain for your compliance program.

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– Resources – Your approved disclaimers, disclosures, privacy statements, presentations, and more are automatically available for your users during audio, video, and chat conference sessions. Easily update your resources with the latest versions, ensuring your users are always using current files.
– Automatic Risk Alerts & Reminders – Users are automatically alerted and reminded to be careful when they take risky actions, such as screen sharing.
– User Best Practices Reinforcement – Tracking and feedback alerts remind users of conduct best practices by using the solution’s real-time resources, such as approved disclosures and disclaimers, while using full video conference collaboration features


– Simplifies compliance coverage – Puts approved compliance resources in your users’ fingertips at the place and time they need it
– Reduces risky conduct: Gives compliance advice and reminds users that their action is being logged when they do something potentially risky
– Gain risk insights: Maintains an audit, monitoring, and risk trend report for compliance teams without intruding on meetings.


ABOUT THETA LAKE: Theta Lake provides cloud-based compliance for video, audio, and other modern digital communications. Its patent- pending technology uses AI, deep learning, and seamlessly integrates with the leading audio recording, video marketing, and video conferencing platforms to detect compliance risks in what was said or shown in modern digital communications.
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