A Work Platform License NZ Is Your Ticket To A Safer Building World

elevated work platform license nz

Having the appropriate permits and equipment is essential in any type of construction or building work, which is why an elevated work platform license NZ is important . These licenses are required for commercial, residential and industrial purposes, and can be obtained from the relevant regional office for your area. There are also several online providers of these permits who can offer a fast and convenient service to complete your work, so you need not wait for any official paperwork. You will simply have to complete an online application form with some basic information.

Important of an elevated work platform license nz

The requirements for an elevated work platform in NZ include: current building and machinery compliance, a valid Business Practices Commission (BPC) number, a signed indemnity bond, and a current building maintenance and safety report. In addition, there are several other requirements, including the use of approved work platforms and other approved work equipments, stipulated in your contract with the provider. These platforms can be used for both permanent and temporary purposes, as per your contract, up to a certain height. For example, you can erect a new platform to display high-priced items on or use it to carry out quick alterations on. In both cases, it is not advisable to use a regular forklift because they are not designed for lifting heavy objects.


Elevated work platform is one of the most convenient ways of performing various construction tasks and projects, without any risk to the man and material being used. It is especially beneficial during times of major building project, when time is of the essence. For example, if you need to make a quick repair on a steel building during the height of summer, then a high-rise platform will provide you with a safe and functional way of doing the repair job, without harming yourself or the people around you. Moreover, most of these platforms are quite easy to install, meaning that you can perform the required work on your own, saving you valuable time and manpower that would have been needed in the process.

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