A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Gold That Are Used in Men’s Rings

The other type of gold commonly used in men’s rings is called platinum. While both types of gold can be mixed together to create a high-quality ring, it is typically best to read about carat differences before purchasing any piece. To read about carat differences, you will need to find a supplier of wholesale gold jewelry who has charts of the weights of all the different metals that are used to make a ring. This is the best way to determine exactly what an 18k yellow gold ring would weigh, and it can save you from paying too much for an inferior product.

Different Types of Gold

Yellow gold, on the other hand, is oftentimes blended with white metal to create a white shade and is not really gold in its purest form. Although it has the ability to be molded into all kinds of beautiful jewelry designs, yellow gold tends to be overshadowed by 18k yellow gold when it comes to appearance. Although it is slightly more expensive than its 18k counterpart, the subtle golden color of yellow gold is more appealing to many consumers, who prefer a more yellow hue in their jewelry instead of purer, white gold.

In order to understand how yellow gold differs from other types of gold, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the various gold types that exist. For starters, white gold is the purest form of gold that can be found in nature, with no trace of any other alloy present in it. Like silver, white gold is malleable and ductile, which allows it to be molded into all kinds of jewelry and other decorative accents. Although it is not as durable or hardy as 18k yellow gold, white gold is still quite beautiful in its own way.

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